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How does this technology work?

Imagine for a moment that you need a component for your car to function properly, be it a piece of your windshield wiper or engine, 3D printing allows you to create whatever you need or want on the spot.

The way it works is simple. First, we create a 3D computer generated model of the component, input those details and coordinates into a program which relays this information directly to the printer and voila, a 3D printed item.

Of course, there’s other work that goes on behind the scenes so do give us a buzz so we can tell you all about it, after all, there’s really no better way to produce a custom designed product.

Materials we use

One of the most common we use is PLA or Polylactic acid. This material consists of 100% renewable raw materials and recyclable, biodegradable under certain conditions and even compostable.

TPU is a 100% biodegradable and semi-flexible filament that allows for printing of flexible items as it combines the property of both plastic and rubber.

Next up, PET-G is also used. Even though this material is not biodegradable, it is 100% recyclable and offers a higher rigidity in comparison to PLA.

Of course, other materials do exist but require a different printing process.

Our projects

Our company has undertaken a range of projects ranging in complexity and use and include:


Balls Meatballs & Beer Shop in Bucharest asked us to create discount vouchers shaped like…?

Meatballs, of course.


Jai Guru Ji required a dynamic keychain.

Master in everything-chess asked us to custom design and print a Dacian chess set.

Master in everything-chess further asked us to custom design and print a Roman chess set.

Other projects have been undertaken and completed, but we can’t have you reading an entire web page of projects, that’s what our Instagram is for. Check in the fine print section below for a link to our page.

Services we offer

When you get in touch with us about an idea you’d like to make a reality, we’ll work with you through all the steps necessary for a completed dream including Project Management, Design, and of course the Printing itself; some folks call this process Customization.

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